About Us

ru·​di·​ment | \ ˈrü-də-mənt

: a basic principle or element or a fundamental skill

Rudiment is our method; design is our madness.  Who we are and our convictions guide our passion and purpose.  Rather than impose solutions, we believe that successful architecture is the result of guided collaboration.  As we build a relationship with you, the design becomes a representation of our dialogue and an informed understanding of your vision, dreams, and goals.  Our goal is to provide you excellent service without ego or preconception.  We do not pretend to be the experts in your field, rather we believe that design solutions are found in the areas of overlapping experiences, interests, and expertise of the entire project team.  Throughout the design process we utilize our strengths in design and visual communication to help materialize unique experiences, designing purposeful and meaningful built environments.

We strive to partner with like-minded individuals on projects rather than focus on a particular market segment or building type which allows for the opportunity to make a positive impact for our clients and their communities.  We bring over 25 years and over 5 million square feet of experience in the design and construction fields.  Our breadth of experience includes: residential, office, K-12 education, higher education, healthcare, civic and cultural, worship, industrial, high-rise towers, international projects, and almost anything in between.


How We work

Build relationships which foster an environment of constructive dialogue.

Strive to be a catalyst for creating and pursuing our client’s visions and dreams.

Good design should be a part of everyday life, not out of reach from it.

Strive to inspire and enrich everyday life and experiences.

Critical-design focus allows for innovative problem solving.

Pursue and expose concept/solutions that capitalize on constraints; in constraints lie opportunities.

Utilize a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach conducive to creating responsive and dynamic built environments.

Our Team

Bret Pfeifer

Bret is a founder and principal architect here at rudiment.  He is a natural conversationalist and an inquisitive listener.  These traits help him to gain valuable insights into our clients, their organizations, and their project goals.  His humble attitude and easy-going personality are paired with a quiet intensity that drives him to explore and create designs that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful.  Whether sketching initial concepts or creating final construction details, he works tirelessly to bring meticulous, holistic designs to life.  Bret’s vast project experience and design expertise have been recognized throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and abroad with numerous awards.  His previous experience includes working as a project architect at Cesar Pelli and Associates, partner at Selser Schaefer Architects, and Managing Director at Beck Design.  Bret lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife, Heather, and far too many children.

Chad Walker

Chad is a founder, the chief laugh factory engineer, and principal architect at rudiment.  Chad is an organized critical thinker; invariably searching for a better mouse trap in all aspects of life.  This inquisitiveness paired with his drive, consistently pushes those around him to do and be better.  He is methodical and cerebral in his approach, balancing and complementing his partner’s intuitive approach.  Chad is skilled at boiling a design problem down to its simplest terms allowing the team to quickly digest and resolve. His thoughtful and reductive approach has been recognized through numerous design awards. Chad’s experience includes working as a project designer at Selser Schaefer Architects, a senior architect at Doug Huber Architects, a senior project manager at Beck Design, and principal architect at Bird Nest Studio.  He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife, Claire, and half the number of children that Bret has.  His love languages are memes and gifs.

Aaron Jones

Aaron joined rudiment as a project architect in July 2022. He brings a well-balanced blend of creative and rational problem-solving to our team. His willingness to break the rules and forego the status quo is strengthened by his willpower to explore a project from all angles.He is also a strategic thinker who looks for ways to add value and success for our clients and the whole project team.Aaron has a broad portfolio of work experience, with unique expertise in custom fabrication and digital media. Aaron lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife, Rebecca, and their two children.